Supporting Industrial Inkjet Printheads from All Major Manufacturers

Universal Compatibility

Universal Compatibility

The JetXpert system is compatible with industrial inkjet printheads from all major manufacturers including: Epson, Fujifilm Dimatix, HP, Kyocera, Ricoh, Seiko, Toshiba Tech, Xaar, and Xerox

Switching Printheads Is Easy

Switching Printheads Is Easy

As your needs change, the JetXpert system adapts with you. Easily change from one industrial inkjet printhead model to another with our modular development platform.

Roll-to-Roll Inkjet Printing with Dimatix Printhead

Printhead Comparison Tool

Not sure what industrial inkjet printhead is right for you? Check out our list of all major heads on the market to compare specs

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View Popular Printheads

Dimatix Galaxy JA (View Hardware)
Dimatix Galaxy (View Hardware)
Dimatix Samba G3L (View Hardware) (Watch Jetting)
Dimatix SX3 (View Hardware)
Dimatix Starfire SG1024 (View Hardware) (Watch Jetting)
Dimatix GMA33 (View Hardware) (Watch Jetting)
Epson D3000 (View Hardware)
Epson DX5 (View Hardware) (Watch Jetting)
Epson DX7 (View Hardware) (Watch Jetting)
Epson I3200 (View Hardware) (Watch Jetting)
Epson S3200 (View Hardware) (Watch Jetting)
Epson WF5113/5110 (View Hardware)
Funai Cartridges (View Hardware)(Watch Jetting)
HP-45 Cartridges (View Hardware)(Watch Jetting)
Konica Minolta KM512 (View Hardware)
Konica Minolta KM1024i (View Hardware)(Watch Jetting)
Konica Minolta KM1800i (View Hardware)
Kyocera KJ4 (View Hardware)(Watch Jetting)
Kyocera KJ4B-1200 (View Hardware)
Polaris Nova Q Class Mercury (View Hardware) (Watch Jetting)
Ricoh Gen 4, Gen 5, Gen6 (View Hardware) (Watch Jetting)
Seiko RC1536 (View Hardware)
Seiko SII 508GS/510 (View Hardware) (Watch Jetting)
Toshiba Tech CF1(View Hardware) (Watch Jetting)
Xaar 1001/1002/1003(View Hardware) (Watch Jetting)
Xaar 1201 (View Hardware)
Xerox MDF(View Hardware) (Watch Jetting)

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