Roll-to-Roll Print Station

All-in-one dropwatching and roll-to-roll printing for more efficient testing

Roll-to-Roll Inkjet Printing with Dimatix Printhead

Understand the Big Picture

Good jetting performance is only half of the development process; you still have to see how all the pieces come together with a good old-fashioned printed image. See how your optimized jetting works on different pretreatments, substrates, curing methods and more by printing samples with the JetXpert Print Station.

Like Production, But Faster

If you have a designated dropwatcher and a designated printer, switching back and forth between these two test stations can be time-consuming. Changing inks, waveforms, substrates quickly on a production printer is no small feat. On the JetXpert Print Station, the same printhead, drive electronics, and ink supply are used for both tests, so you can spend more time developing and less time switching.

Switching Printheads or Printhead Controllers Is Easy

Like Production, But More Flexible

We know your R&D projects can change at a moments’ notice, so the JetXpert Print Station is built for it. It is compatible with printheads and drive electronics from every major manufacturer, and you can easily swap between them in minutes.

Roll-to-Roll Inkjet Printer

Customized to Your Needs

In order to match your production printer as closely as possible, the Roll-to-Roll Print Station has a variety of configurations to choose from. It can be configured for sheet-fed, unwind-only, or true roll-to-roll printing, with a customizable substrate holder for different size rolls. Curing systems like LED, NIR, or other dryers from any manufacturer can be integrated with the system to optimize ink drying.

See the Roll-to-Roll Print Station In Action

Applications for Roll-to-Roll Printing