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Since 1989, ImageXpert has served as a highly-specialized machine vision integrator, combining software and hardware into systems that analyze parts and prints like no one else can. Our JetXpert platform for drop-in-flight and print quality analysis has become an essential tool for optimizing jetting and dispensing. We specialize in finding the perfect combination of lighting, optics, and algorithms to tackle your most challenging machine vision projects.

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27+ Years
46+ Countries
600+ Companies

Our Story

ImageXpert is a small team of engineers, physicists, and software developers from all over the globe with a shared passion for solving problems. Thinking differently, moving fast, and getting results are in our DNA. We try stuff, we build stuff, we break stuff, we make improvements until it is right. We stand behind the systems we make, and we aren’t happy unless our customers are happy. This passion has made us the trusted machine vision integrator in labs and production for some of the largest companies in the world.

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Trusted Machine Vision Integration

“Just in terms of what their software can handle, what their hardware capabilities are, it’s night and day difference or light years ahead of the competitors in terms of range of products and capabilities.”

– David Willis, Digital Inkjet Technical Team Lead, Wikoff Color Corporation

“With literally 24/7 support, the ImageXpert team was always there to get us going when we would hit a wall! Investing in the drop watcher and the print station from ImageXpert we didn’t only get an instrument vital to our day-to-day work, we also gained a collaboration partner that belongs to the community of companies and individuals playing a major role in the inkjet space.”

– Dr. Vedran Durasevic, Head of Applied Research and Technology, Evonik Industries

“In my 32 years in industry dealing with automation and suppliers, I can’t think of another company I’d rather work with than ImageXpert. They quickly delivered a robust solution for a complex challenge involving 6 degrees of freedom by applying the latest vision technology and mathematical transformations that most companies would not have even attempted.”

– James Kegelman, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

“From whiteboard concept to production execution, ImageXpert engineers designed, developed, and deployed an advanced technology solution for a critical Covid-19 inspection system. In a very challenging time the ImageXpert team went above and beyond to meet an extremely aggressive timeline. It was a seamless team effort between supplier and customer, to the point it eliminated any barriers.”

– Shawn MacCartney, Program Manager, Jabil

“ImageXpert’s technology is the global standard for visualizing inkjet droplet formation. At Inkbit, we use ImageXpert’s JetXpert system for the development of state-of-the-art 3D printing materials. The technology has proven to be an invaluable tool – it is used almost daily. The data we capture from our JetXpert system has enabled us to significantly improve the performance, reliability and yield of our inkjet 3D printing system.”

– Javier Ramos, Co-Founder, Inkbit

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