Three-Axis Motion Print Station

All-in-one dropwatching, multipass printing, and print quality analysis for more efficient testing.

The JetXpert Print Station is an all-in-one inkjet development tool, handling
dropwatching, prototype printing, and print quality analysis on a single machine.
The system is built on a modular platform that can be customized to your
application with any printhead, drive electronics, number of colors, or process steps.
It packs world-class analysis and precision into an open architecture that can take
you from initial experiments through pilot-production with ease.

Watch Multipass Printing Demonstration on the JetXpert Print Station

all in one print quality inspection system

World Class Technology

Quality and precision is at the heart of our instrumentation. The Print Station offers production-grade print repeatability of less than 1.5 microns, and speeds up to 2 m/s, handling the most demanding printing applications with confidence.

Repeatability Test Results

Industrial inkjet curing system

Designed for Experimenting

The open architecture of the JetXpert Print Station means that anything can be controlled, measured, and optimized. The dropwatching system gives you unprecedented understanding of the jetting process. Print with unmatched flexibility with full control over speed, resolution, standoff, and curing to find the optimal combination. Analyze the print results and measure your progress with data. All on a platform that allows you to switch between tests in minutes.

Industrial inkjet curing system

Customized to Your Application

Any printhead or drive electronics

One or more fluids

Single pass, multipass, multilayer or rotary

Vacuum, heated, or custom substrate holder

UV, LED, NIR, and other curing stations

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Industry-Leading Print Quality Analysis

The ultimate test of your printing process is done at the end, on the printed image itself. It evaluates all the changes you’ve made along the way to the printhead, fluid, waveform, substrate, pretreatment, and curing technique in one simple test. We’ve got the cameras, lighting, and software needed to perform final QA tests on your samples like dot quality and positioning, line width and continuity, dimensional analysis, and more.

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Switching Printheads or Printhead Controllers Is Easy

Modular and Flexible

We know your R&D projects can change at a moments’ notice, so the JetXpert Print Station is built to make retrofitting the system easy. Easily swap printheads in minutes to experiment with the latest models, or scale up from one color to four once you’ve found success. Start with dropwatching and small sample printing, and then add large area printing with inspection in the future. The modular platform grows with you over time, taking you all the way from early process evaluation to pilot-production.

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