JetXpert Jr

Inline drop measurement built to fit your printer or microdispensing platform

Impressive Drop Visualization, Miniaturized

We took our top-of-the-line imaging technology and shrunk it down to get an inside look at what’s happening within your printer. We match the fixed resolution optics to your specific application so you can capture crystal-clear images of drops, mist, missing jets, and satellites.

Accurate, Inline Drop Measurement for Quality Control

The JetXpert Jr provides measurements of individual drop volume, total dispensed volume, and drop velocity for precise, inline process control

inkjet research with jetxpert dropwatcher

Dropwatching, Simplified.

All it takes are two connections to integrate the JetXpert Jr into your current system. Synchronize the camera with the drops through a trigger signal from your print controller, and control the onboard software through TCP/IP via an ethernet cable.

inkjet research with jetxpert dropwatcher

Universal Compatibility

The JetXpert Jr works with any ink, any printhead or dispenser, and any drive electronics so one platform works across your entire product portfolio

Upgrade Your Production Line With Inline Drop Measurement and Analysis