JetXpert Dropwatcher

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Robust Visualization

The JetXpert uses top-of-the-line imaging technology to show you what’s happening inside your printer so you can improve it. Half micron resolution with a 8 million fps-equivalent exposure time means that drops, mist, and satellites are clearly visible, even ones smaller than 1pL in size. We built this system from the optics up, and it shows.

How It Works

Powerful Drop Analysis for R&D

The JetXpert provides accurate measurements of drop volume, drop shape, and drop velocity, along with unique tools built upon the experience of hundreds of inkjet developers. Repetitive tasks like sustainability testing, nozzle-to-nozzle consistency checks, open time testing, waveform optimization, and more can be performed automatically with the click of a button.

inkjet printhead nozzle damage analysis system

Dozens of Add-Ons

The JetXpert can be customized from a full suite of accessories, each designed to address a common challenge in inkjet printing. From additional cameras for monitoring wetting, to vacuum ink mist collection, to automated waveform optimization, to enclosures to control humidity and temperature, if you need it, we’ve got it.

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inkjet research with jetxpert dropwatcher

Universal Compatibility

The JetXpert works with any ink, any printhead, and any drive electronics, so it easily fits into your R&D portfolio. Whether you want to use your own equipment, match your customers’, or experiment with new ones, JetXpert can handle anything you throw at it.

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