Print Station Add-Ons

Modular industrial printer components to take your research to the next level

Switching Printheads Is Easy

Additional Printheads

Integrating additional printheads with the JetXpert Print Station is easy – whether you want to print with multiple heads at once, or frequently switch between different printhead models.

measurement of inkjet color bleed

Multiple-Color Printing

The JetXpert Print Station can be upgraded to print with multiple fluids or colors at once. This allows you to test the interaction between fluids on the substrate through measurements like intercolor bleed, mottle, and more.

Multipass inkjet printing

Multipass Printing

If you want to increase the printed image size or resolution, the JetXpert Print Station can be fitted with a motorized, perpendicular axis to enable multipass printing.

Drying / Curing Station

The JetXpert Print Station is compatible with drying and curing stations from all major manufacturers, allowing you to easily experiment with different speeds and intensities to perfect your process.

dropwatcher enclosure


Industrial printer components are sensitive to the surrounding environment, so it is best to replicate production conditions in the lab. Whether you want to control the temperature and humidity around the system, or contain and extract the jetted fluid, this enclosure is the perfect starting point.

all in one print quality inspection system

Print Quality Analysis

Easily integrate one of our inspection systems into the Print Station to perform print quality analysis on the printed samples. This system is custom-built for your substrate, ink, resolution, and speed requirements.

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