Paint Inspection

Custom-Built Systems to Analyze the Application and Drying of Paints

analyzing paint coverage on drywall

Measure Paint Coverage

With a high resolution scan of the surface of painted drywall, our software is able to measure the paint quality and coverage. This helps optimize the combination of paint formulation, roller nap material, and painting technique.

Watch Paint Application

High speed cameras, robotics, and our specialized optical setup allows for visualizing the interaction between the paint roller, paint, and drywall

“They quickly delivered a robust solution for a complex challenge involving 6 degrees of freedom by applying the latest vision technology and mathematical transformations that most companies would not have even attempted.

James Kegelman, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

machine vision print inspection system

Measure Everything Else

Using cameras and lasers, we can perform measurements on paint applied to a variety of surfaces to determine its uniformity, layer thickness, flatness, presence of bubbles, and more

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