JetXpert Inline

An Inline Drop Analyzer Without Limits

The Only Dropwatcher Built for Wide Printhead Arrays

With its unique angled design, the JetXpert Inline sits below the printhead instead of alongside it, eliminating printhead width constraints. Inspect an entire printhead array of any size with the world’s first inline drop analyzer.

Robust Visualization

We match the fixed resolution optics to your specific application so you can capture crystal-clear images of drops, mist, missing jets, and satellites. The angled design means that you can see nozzles and meniscus activity clearly, even for printheads with recessed nozzle plates.

Powerful Drop Analysis

Our inline drop analyzer provides accurate measurements of drop volume, drop shape, and drop velocity, along with unique tools built upon the experience of hundreds of inkjet developers

inkjet research with jetxpert dropwatcher

Universal Compatibility

The JetXpert Inline works with any ink, any printhead, and any drive electronics, so it can be integrated into your printer

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