Metal Strip QA

Measuring Dimensions and Surface Quality of Medical-Grade Metal Strips

Metalized Strip Inspection System

Automated Quality Assurance

This system incorporated a linescan camera, RGB frontlight, powerful backlight, linear stage, high resolution optics, and custom machine vision application to perform micron-level dimensional measurements of metalized strips and inspect each surface for tiny scratches and pinholes

Pinhole Analysis on Metalized Strip

Ultra-Precise Analysis

The system is capable of measuring tiny pinholes, while still capturing large scale images at high resolution with negligible optical distortion. Customized lighting achieves high contrast, optimal illumination while a custom-built program uses powerful machine vision algorithms to automatically detect and measure the features and defects most critical to the application.

Metalized Strip Inspection System Design

Professional Build Quality

ImageXpert systems are designed to work out of the box, continue working for years, and look good doing it. We do not make projects, we make products — even if only for one customer. We invest the design time and expertise to do it right.

“Just in terms of what their software can handle, what their hardware capabilities are, it’s night and day difference or light years ahead of the competitors in terms of range of products and capabilities”

David Willis, Wikoff Color Corporation

“In a very challenging time the ImageXpert team went above and beyond to meet an extremely aggressive timeline. It was a seamless team effort between supplier and customer, to the point it eliminated any barriers.”

Shawn MacCartney, Program Manager, Jabil

What Can We Build for You?

Trusted Machine Vision Integration

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