Test Target/ Graphics

Turn images into data with image quality analysis

Easily Grade a Print Process with Image Quality Analysis

As you make incremental changes to your printer over time, how do you systematically measure if you are improving? Rather than judging the samples by eye, our test target analysis systems will break down the printed sample into the most critical components and assign number grades to each one.

Optimize Everything

Hundreds of factors, such as substrate, pretreatment, coating, curing process, and more, have an impact on the print quality. Our systems take all of these into account with our expert-curated measurements of dot quality, line quality, color, intercolor bleed, mottle, and more.

Available as a Standalone System

Each system is custom-built to evaluate the samples produced by your production printer, with high resolution optics, lighting, and field of view matched to your specific application

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Available for the JetXpert Print Station

An image quality analysis system can be mounted to the JetXpert Print Station with Linear Stage, allowing you to print and analyze the samples in one easy step

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