JetXpert Print Station

All-in-one dropwatching, sample printing, and print quality analysis for more efficient testing

Understand the Big Picture

Good jetting performance is only half of the industrial printing development process; you still have to see how all the pieces come together with a good old-fashioned printed image. See how your optimized jetting works on different pretreatments, substrates, curing methods and more by printing samples with the JetXpert Print Station.

Like Production, But Faster

If you have a designated dropwatcher and a designated printer, switching back and forth between these two tests can be time-consuming. Changing inks, waveforms, substrates quickly on a production printer is no small feat. On the JetXpert Print Station, the same printhead, drive electronics, and ink supply are used for both tests, so you can spend more time developing and less time switching.

Switching Printheads or Printhead Controllers Is Easy

Like Production, But More Flexible

We know your R&D projects can change at a moments’ notice, so the JetXpert Print Station is built for it. It is compatible with printheads and drive electronics from every major manufacturer, and you can easily swap between them in minutes.

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Like Production, But Smarter

The JetXpert Print Station includes production printing capabilities like multipass printing, UV curing, and roll-to-roll printing but with features built to make optimization easier. Automatically print each pass at a different speed to study the impact on the jetting. Easily adjust the curing duration and intensity and watch the drops spreading live. Automatically study dot positioning after a print. It’s all possible on the ultimate testing platform.


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The Role of the JetXpert Print Station in Industrial Inkjet Printing

The idea for the JetXpert Print Station came directly from our customers. For years they had been relying on off-the-shelf printers for their day-to-day inkjet development and were frustrated by the inefficiency of it. Industrial printers are robust machines and not built to be easily reconfigured, so tasks like changing inks, printheads, and waveforms took hours and hours. The machines were large, requiring an entire industrial printing lab just to accommodate the equipment for a few different printheads or substrates. And if they wanted to evaluate a new printhead, it would require buying a brand new printer, taking up more time, money, and space.

Worst of all, the JetXpert Dropwatcher had become an essential part of their inkjet development, and it was completely isolated from these printers. After performing testing on the dropwatcher, the researchers would have to mimic the setup on another machine before being able to see how the settings performed in actual industrial printing situations. They were wasting time having to do everything twice and reached out to us for help. Soon, the JetXpert Print Station was born.

The JetXpert Print Station is designed to replicate the most essential parts of industrial inkjet printing, without all of the complication. We’ve kept the main components like substrate transport and ink curing, and stripped everything else out, leaving you with a flexible, easy-to-use machine. Because it is so simple, it is easy to make modifications to the system over time, like testing different printhead models, different substrates, or different printing conditions. One system is adaptable to grow with you over time as your needs change.

The efficiency of development on a JetXpert Print Station is unrivaled. The printhead, drive electronics, and ink supply are mounted on a sliding gantry, so you can use the same set for either dropwatching or printing, moving between the two tests with ease. By using the same exact equipment for both tasks, you can move quickly yet know for certain that the testing conditions are identical. In minutes, you can measure the velocity of drops produced with a certain waveform, print samples on different substrates, and study the impact of each combination on the print quality. The faster you can move between dropwatching and printing, the faster you can understand how a change to one impacts the other.

“One of the key things about this ongoing partnership is that at ImageXpert you buy a solution, an integrated package of knowledge, equipment and service that does what you intended it to do and on which you can rely. Key advantages for AGFA are the flexibility of the systems, high quality and accuracy and the excellent service of the ImageXpert team.”

– David Tilemans, Assistant Quality Assurance, AGFA

“Investing in the drop watcher and the print station from ImageXpert we didn’t only get an instrument vital to our day-to-day work, we also gained a collaboration partner that belongs to the community of companies and individuals playing a major role in the inkjet space.”

– Vedran Durasevic, Head of Applied Research and Technology Inkjet Inks EMEA, Evonik Industries

Just in terms of what their software can handle, what their hardware capabilities are, it’s night and day difference or light years ahead of the competitors in terms of range of products and capabilities.

– David Willis, Digital Inkjet Technical Team Lead, Wikoff Color Corporation

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