JetXpert 3D

Three-dimensional dropwatching for ultimate volume and trajectory analysis

dropwatcher for three dimensional drop analysis

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Demanding applications call for extremely accurate drop size and placement. The JetXpert 3D uses dual cameras and optics to analyze a drop in orthogonal planes for full shape and trajectory analysis.

Powerful Drop Analysis

The JetXpert 3D uses the same, top-of-the-line imaging technology as the original JetXpert, with half micron resolution and an 8 million fps-equivalent exposure time. The system provides accurate measurements for drop volume, drop shape, drop velocity, and drop trajectory from two planes at once of even the smallest drops and satellites.

inkjet research with jetxpert dropwatcher

Universal Compatibility

The JetXpert 3D works with any ink, any printhead, and any drive electronics, so it easily fits into your R&D portfolio. Whether you want to use your own equipment, match your customers’, or experiment with new ones, JetXpert can handle anything you throw at it.

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