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Everything You Need for Inkjet R&D

Everything You Need for Inkjet R&D

Getting started with inkjet printing requires printheads, drive electronics, and ink supplies. We’ve searched the market, found the best inkjet components for our R&D-focused customers, and integrated them together with JetXpert to create a seamless testing system.

drop watching system for inkjet printhead research

Start Printing on Day 1

Instead of spending months sourcing inkjet components, getting them to work together, and learning how to use them, let us deliver you a complete solution that works out of the box. We’ll get you up and running quickly so you can spend less time laying the groundwork and more time on making inkjet breakthroughs.

Top-Notch Support Experience

Top-Notch Support Experience

ImageXpert handles the support for all our products, so regardless of what the problem is, you can call one company for the solution. We know the entire system in and out, which means you’ll get fast, effective support that will blow you away.

Inkjet Components


Streamline your buying process by including the inkjet printhead with your order.

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Drive Electronics

Whether you want to use our recommended drive electronics, match the ones on your printer, or use your own – trust ImageXpert to configure them to work seamlessly as part of a JetXpert system

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Ink Supplies

Easy to use ink supplies, whether you are looking for production-level results or simplicity for the lab

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Printhead Mounts

Have your own equipment? Perfect, we’ll help you attach it to the JetXpert system

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Industrial Dispensers

Streamline your buying process by including the dispenser with your order.

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Let’s Find the Right Equipment for You

Why Buy Inkjet Components From ImageXpert?

Everything that we sell, you can buy from the manufacturer directly at a lower price. So why do people buy from us anyway?

Speed: Learning to build a system from scratch takes time: you have to learn what inkjet components you need, where to buy them, and how to make them work. This can take months the first time around. Do you build your own computers? Probably not, so don’t build your own inkjet components from the start either. Utilize our experience to get the right system up and running as fast as possible, so you can get started on the important stuff immediately. When you buy something from us, it is ready to be used right out of the box.

Confidence: There are a lot of different options for printheads, drive electronics, and ink supplies out there and it’s hard to know which ones are right for you. We’ve worked with a lot of equipment from different suppliers as well as heard the experiences from hundreds of other inkjet developers, so we are confident that we can guide you towards products that you’ll be happy with.

Support: If you buy a printhead from Company A, a driver from Company B, and an ink supply from Company C and put them together only to find that it isn’t working right, who do you go to? With ImageXpert, we take responsibility for everything that we sell, so no matter the issue, you can reach out to us for support. Plus we know how all the components of the system are working together, so we can find and correct problems faster, with our legendary customer service.

With literally 24/7 support, the ImageXpert team was always there to get us going when we would hit a wall!”

– Vedran Durasevic, Head of Applied Research and Technology Inkjet Inks EMEA, Evonik Industries

The technology has proven to be an invaluable tool – it is used almost daily. The data we capture from our JetXpert system has enabled us to significantly improve the performance, reliability, and yield of our inkjet 3D printing system.”

– Javier Ramos, Co-Founder, Inkbit

Whether you are looking for a quote, demo, or training on any of our inkjet components, we’d love to hear from you.