High Speed Lab on Chip Inspection

Non-Contact Measurements of Channels, Holes, and More

Lab on chip machine vision inspection system

Inspect Both Components and Assemblies

High resolution cameras and a 3D interference sensor are combined with automated, three-axis motion to create a system capable of inspecting hundreds of features in a matter of minutes. This powerful solution performs non-contact, 3D lab on chip inspection for both components and assemblies with speed and precision.

high resolution image of lab on chip channel

Customizable Analysis

All systems are customized to deliver exactly the measurements required by the application. We deliver a complete working system, with automatic controls over all hardware, automatic analysis, and automatic reporting. Insert the target, press go, and see the results.

high resolution image of lab on chip tip

Professional Build Quality

ImageXpert systems are designed to work out of the box, continue working for years, and look good doing it. We do not make projects, we make products — even if only for one customer. We invest the design time and expertise to do it right.

“From whiteboard concept to production execution, ImageXpert engineers designed, developed, and deployed an advanced technology solution for a critical Covid-19 inspection system. In a very challenging time the ImageXpert team went above and beyond to meet an extremely aggressive timeline. It was a seamless team effort between supplier and customer, to the point it eliminated any barriers.

Shawn MacCartney, Program Manager, Jabil

“Just in terms of what their software can handle, what their hardware capabilities are, it’s night and day difference or light years ahead of the competitors in terms of range of products and capabilities”

David Willis, Wikoff Color Corporation

What Can We Build for You?

Trusted Machine Vision Integration

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