Three-Axis Motion Print Station



The Print Station is the perfect tool, covering the three pillars of inkjet development: dropwatching, printing, and print quality analysis. This system is able to take you from early experiments up to pilot-productions and is built to be robust yet modular. The Print Station allows you to make the high precision prints and analysis while maintaining flexibility to customize the system to your exact needs.

See The Three-Axis Print Station In Action



Industrial Multipass Printing - Print Station Linear Stage



Switching Printheads or Printhead Controllers Is Easy


We know your R&D projects can change at a moments’ notice, so the JetXpert Print Station is built for it. It is compatible with printheads and drive electronics from every major manufacturer, and you can easily swap between them in minutes.


Study the three pillars of inkjet research; Dropwatching, Sample Printing, and Print Quality Analysis; all from one machine. We’ve got the cameras, lighting, and software needed to perform tests like Dot Positioning and Coupon Inspection on the printed samples automatically.

Industrial inkjet curing system


为了与您的工业生产打印机尽可能匹配,线性模组打印台拥有多种配置选择。可将其配置为工业单通道或工业多通道打印,带有可对玻璃、纺织品、薄膜等承印物进行打印的可定制支架。任何制造商的 LED、NIR或其他干燥器等固化系统都可以与系统集成,用于优化墨水干燥问题。