JetXpert Dropwatcher Training: Automated Sweeps (Confidential)

ImageXpert Team, December 2, 2022


This course will focus on the automated sweep functionality within the JetXpert Dropwatcher, designed to accelerate common R&D tests like generating frequency response curves or optimizing the waveform. The course starts with Frequency Sweep and Frequency Sweep Stitch – used to automatically test jetting at different firing frequencies. Next, we’ll cover Latency Sweep and Latency Multidrop which are used for open time testing. The course ends with XSweep and XSweep Stitch, our automated waveform testing package.

This course was taught on December 1, 2022 by Kyle Pucci, our Director of Sales Engineering.


    1: Signal Generator
    2: Frequency Sweep
    3: Frequency Sweep Advanced
    4: Frequency Sweep: Common Issues
    5: Frequency Sweep Stitch
    6: Latency Sweep
    7: Latency Multidrop
    8: XSweep
    9: XSweep Stitch

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