JetXpert Dropwatcher Training: Advanced (Confidential)

ImageXpert Team, November 3, 2022


This course will cover some of the advanced functionality in the JetXpert Dropwatcher software designed to expand and streamline your analysis. We will review analysis methods like AutoDrops, Satellites, and Multijet that perform a suite of different measurements. We will provide an overview of Stitch: our program for combining several images into one. We’ll also discuss scripts that automate common tasks like capturing images over long durations and analyzing previously saved images.

This course was taught on October 25, 2022 by Paul Best, our Director of Engineering.


    1: Stitch / Variable Delay
    2: Ligament Time of Flight
    3: Satellite Analysis
    4: Signal Generator
    5: MultiJet Analysis
    6: Picture Cycle & Saved Images
    7: Stitch from Folder

*Easily navigate between topics using the
Chapters button in the video player