Overview of JetXpert Software Version 7.5 Updates

ImageXpert Team, December 30, 2022

The newest version of the JetXpert software includes new analysis methods, more robust measurement algorithms, and improvements to the user experience.

This software update is released for new JetXpert systems and is available as an upgrade for existing systems. If you have our Support Package and would like this software installed on your system as part of your annual upgrade, please reach out to the ImageXpert engineering team. If you have any questions about the software update, you can send us a message at info@imagexpert.com and we’d be happy to answer them!

AutoDrops 2023

New AutoDrops Method

The new AutoDrops Method is able to accurately measure volume of drops of any shape. The algorithm detects the shape of the drop and automatically determines which measurement method, spherical or stacked disc, is appropriate to use for reporting the volume. This method has replaced Default Drops, and carries forward the existing functionality for measuring drop velocity and trajectory.

MultiJet 2023

Major Multijet Redesign

Multijet has been redesigned as a Method, streamlining the analysis process and giving the user greater control. It also utilizes multiple ROIs, allowing you to analyze all the nozzles within the field of view simultaneously at a much faster rate than the previous moving ROI version.

XSweep 2023

XSweep Adds Stabilization Time

Version Number: 3.3
Updated to allow drops to stabilize before taking measurements. Users are able to make and apply changes to the waveform and set a predetermined lag time before measurements are taken
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Read Images 2023

Increased Read Images Compatibility

The Read Images task has been streamlined to be more user friendly, and is now compatible with JetXpert 3D.

AutoSatellites 2023

Improved AutoSatellites Capability

Users have the option to choose between Satellites and AutoSatellites for analyzing satellite size and count. Satellites is enabled by default and calculates volumes based on spherical drops. AutoSatellites can be enabled to perform measurements on drops of any shape.

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