Durst Teams Up With JetXpert to Bring 3D Printing to the Ceramic Tile Industry

ImageXpert Team, May 4, 2021

The ceramic tile industry was forever changed with the introduction of digital printing technology, and now Durst is taking the digitization to the next level with their RockJET™ Printhead Technology. While traditional inkjet printheads are able to reproduce the look of materials such as wood, stone, and marble, reproducing the feel and texture of these materials was largely unmet. One of the main challenges was due to the design of the inkjet printheads themselves, which could only handle small particles (less than 3 microns) and low viscosity fluids, which are not well matched to tile glazing and would leave the tiles essentially flat. Durst has developed a new printhead technology that can handle much larger particles and much higher viscosities than any printhead on the market, allowing manufacturers to digitally print 3D structures onto tile to better replicate different materials.

Durst RockJET Printhead Technology

Durst RockJET™ Printhead Technology

  • Able to print true water-based ceramic glazes with particle sizes >45 microns
  • Fluid viscosity can be up to 70 seconds measured with Ford Viscosity Flow Cup with a 2mm hole @ 35C
  • 144 nozzles per printhead with throughputs up to 1kg / sqm @ 20 m/min when integrated into the Durst Gamma DG digital printer

Close collaboration with major ceramic glaze manufacturers is essential, as they must learn how to use this new technology and formulate their new glazes for it. Durst developed a special test printing device with an integrated JetXpert Dropwatcher for use in laboratories to allow glaze manufacturers to independently develop and test formulations. This equipment is the fastest way to understand the requirements for this cutting-edge application and optimize the selection and quantity of different ceramic materials and glaze additives. Developers can study the jetting reliability, measure drop sizes, and adjust their formulations to produce the best results in this simulated printing environment.

The Durst RockJET™ DropWatcher Kit

Featuring the JetXpert Dropwatcher for research and development of digital glazes

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For more information about the Durst RockJET™ printhead or product line, contact Norbert Von Aufschnaiter at norbert.aufschnaiter@durst-group.com

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