Announcing a New, Brighter JetXpert Light Source

ImageXpert Team, June 15, 2023

ImageXpert has developed a new lighting assembly for the JetXpert Dropwatcher that produces double the amount of light compared to the previous generation.

Smaller droplets in inkjet printing offer superior precision and finer details, commonly used in applications such as high resolution graphics, printed electronics, or packaging. By utilizing smaller drops, you can achieve sharper edges and smaller features, resulting in overall superior print quality. With today’s inkjet technology, droplets may be 1 picoliter or even smaller, including sub-picoliter satellites and mist. To accurately measure these minuscule drops, high-magnification optics with excellent contrast are essential.

ImageXpert has developed an improved illumination subsystem for JetXpert Dropwatchers that generates double the amount of light compared to its previous generation. This groundbreaking development provides users with expanded capabilities such as higher magnification, improved contrast, and more accurate drop measurements. Customers with fast moving or unstable drops also benefit from shorter exposure time and wider depth of focus. This new illumination module will be available on new JetXpert systems and as an upgrade to existing JetXpert systems. Existing customers can choose from two upgrade options, explained in detail below.

comparison of LED brightness

Full Illumination Subsystem Upgrade

By upgrading the entire illumination subsystem, existing JetXpert systems can achieve maximum brightness with their system. In addition to the LED itself, this configuration also utilizes a new LED lens and extended JetXpert base. The additional space between the optics also opens up new possibilities for experimenting with very wide or even multiple printheads. Images shown are a 2 pL drop captured with a 1mm field of view, comparing RevB LED short base with RevC LED extended base.


LED Upgrade Only

Existing JetXpert systems can see significant brightness improvement with a simple exchange of the LED light source. Images shown are a 2 pL drop captured with a 1mm field of view, comparing RevB LED short base with RevC LED short base.

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