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JetXpert Drop Analysis

Perfect your jetting or dispensing with industry-leading drop visualization and measurements

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JetXpert Print Station

Ultimate R&D productivity with all-in-one drop analysis, sample printing, and print quality analysis

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Print Quality Analysis

Quantify print results with ultra-precise measurements for next-level process control

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Molded cuvette inspection machine

Cuvette Inspection

One of the largest medical cuvette manufacturers in the world wanted to speed up their quality assurance process. We delivered a high speed, non-contact system for verifying cuvette dimensional accuracy and integrity, reducing inspection times by a factor of 10.

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high resolution view of printhead nozzle plate

Nozzle Plate Inspection

Industrial inkjet printheads are impressive technology, requiring micron-level manufacturing precision. We built a system to inspect the nozzle plates with sub-micron resolution to help automate production for one of the top printhead manufacturers worldwide.

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