JetXpert Dropwatcher Training: The Basics

ImageXpert Team, 1月 27, 2023


Learn the essentials of the JetXpert Dropwatcher hardware and software with a course designed to get you up and running within an hour. We will start with reviewing the cabling connections to ensure the system is properly set up, locate drops in the field of view, and take you all the way through collecting images and data. If this is your first time using the JetXpert, or your first time using it in a long time, this course will build confidence in the fundamentals of dropwatching and how it can be used to accelerate your research and development.


    1: Hardware and Cabling
    2: Starting the Software
    3: Finding Drops
    4: Calibrating
    5: Single Pulse Mode
    6: Variable Delay Mode
    7: Double Pulse Mode
    8: Collecting Data
    9: Advanced Tab
    10: Measuring Velocity In Single Pulse Mode
    *Easily navigate between topics using the Chapters button in the video player