Showcasing New ImageXpert Products at IPI Conference in Dusseldorf

ImageXpert Team, 10 月 26, 2021

Next month, ImageXpert will be attending Industrial Print Integration in Dusseldorf, our first in-person conference since 2019. From November 23-24, Paul Best (Director of Engineering) and Kyle Bell (Senior Application Engineer) will be manning Booth A10; meeting new people, reconnecting with our global colleagues and friends, and showcasing our latest developments from the past two years. Our time at home and in the office has allowed us to focus on new product development, and we have two new systems that we are excited to present at the conference.

The first system is a new and improved JetXpert OEM Dropwatcher. This drop analysis system is designed for universities, integrators, and OEMs alike with a compact footprint, simple wiring, and elegant design. The streamlined software interface makes performing measurements and visualization easy, from any Windows computer. This system will be available at the ImageXpert booth at IPI for live demonstrations.

The second system is a new dropwatcher called the Inline JetXpert. With a unique angled design that sits below the printhead, this dropwatcher can be used to analyze wide print arrays that cannot fit on other systems. In situations where it is not feasible to bring a production printer to the lab, the Inline JetXpert can bring drop analysis to the printer, regardless of the number or configuration of printheads. Perfect for evaluating printer performance, optimizing waveforms, or resolving jetting issues in the field. This system will also be available at the ImageXpert booth at IPI for live demonstrations.

We look forward to seeing you there!